35X12.50R17 TOYO OPEN COUNTRY R/T 10 ply

Sale price$488.00


Tire Manufacturer: TOYO

Toyo produces this All-Season On/Off-Road Rugged Terrain Light Truck tire.

  • Wide shoulder grooves
  • Scalloped shoulder lugs
  • High turn-up, 3-ply polyester casing
  • Optimized pattern arrangement
  • Aggressive sidewall designs with durable sidewall compound
  • Stone and mud ejectors
  • M+S Rated
  • Contributes to excellent off-road traction
  • Prevents mud and snow buildup
  • Improves off-road traction by biting into the ground
  • Strengthens tire for excellent handling and durability, while maintaining proper load capacity
  • Increases tread life
  • Reduces noise for improved driving comfort
  • Protects against side impacts and has excellent cut resistance
  • Offers customization with two distinct looks
  • Removes stones and mud from grooves




  • Aspect Ratio :50
  • Rim Size :17
  • Load Rating (Single/Double): 121
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Load Capacity Single : 3195 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 65 psi
  • Approved Rim Width : 8.5-11.0
  • Measuring Rim Width: 10.0
  • Overall Width : 12.5
  • Tread Depth : 18.9
  • Revolutions Per Mile : 598 rpm


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