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Tire Manufacturer: AMERICUS

Mud-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.

  • High-void mud pattern with large shoulder blocks
  • Self-cleaning tread with thunder-bolt stone ejectors
  • Joint-less spiral nylon over-wraps
  • 3-ply body plies (in larger sizes)
  • For deep traction and crisp handling in on-road and off-road conditions
  • Provide extra toughness
  • Helps protect against sidewall impact


  • Rim Size :20
  • Load Rating (Single/Double): 128
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Load Capacity Single : 3968 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 49 psi
  • Approved Rim Width : 5.5-7.5
  • Measuring Rim Width: 6.5
  • Overall Width : 8.4
  • Tread Depth : 9.8
  • Revolutions Per Mile : 827 rpm

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