5 INCH LIFT KIT RAM 2500 (14-18)

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Compliment your RAM 2500's aggressive, good looks with Rough Country's 5-inch Lift Kit. New model RAM Trucks come with a wealth of impressive features right from the factory. Rough Country's 5-inch kit was engineered to retain these impressive factory specs while bumping up performance and durability where it's needed most. The result is a lifted beast with a mean profile and lush ride-quality that'll make other RAM owners wonder where you got yours from!

Rough Country’s 5-inch Lift Kit is designed for Dodge RAM’s equipped with either factory rear coils or factory rear air ride suspension. On Air Ride models, this kit uses a rear air bag spacer that works with the factory air bag to provide rear lift. This kit also features a Rear Sensor Arm Relocation Bracket that can modify how the sensor link speaks to the computer to determine what the ride height is. This allows you to adjust the amount of rear height up to 1-inch higher than the front by way of multiple mounting points spaced by 1/4-inch. Pick the mounting point you want for the rear ride height you prefer.

When changing a vehicle's suspension, the key to preserving ride quality is in keeping the geometry of all suspension components as close to their factory angles as possible. Rough Country's 5-inch Suspension kit features a set of Radius Arm Drop brackets allowing you to retain the beefy factory arms while keeping everything at optimum angles. This kit also features a set of front, lifted coil springs, anti-wrap rear blocks and N3 Shocks for a fantastic blend of smooth highway ride and awesome off-road performance.


  • Increased ground clearance
  • Maintains factory progressive rate coil springs
  • Track bar bracket keeps the front axle properly centered.
  • Fits both rear coil spring and rear air ride suspension models!
  • Rear ride height arm brackets let you adjust the rear ride height, up to 1-inch higher than the front - Air Ride models ONLY
  • Includes application valved N3 series shock absorbers which offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use.


  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Est. Install Time: 6-8 hours


  • Does NOT fit "Power Wagon" models.
  • Requires drilling and cutting.
  • On vehicles equipped with a two piece driveshaft & carrier bearing as on the Mega Cab, there is the potential for take off vibration, depending on the severity, this can be corrected with shimming down the carrier bearing. SKU: 1161.


2014-2018 4WD Ram 2500


37x12.50R17 17x9 8x6.5/8x165.1 +0 -
37x12.50R18 18x9 8x6.5/8x165.1 +0 -
37x12.50R20 20x9 8x6.5/8x165.1 +0 -
37x12.50R20 20x9 8x6.5/8x165.1 +1 Trimming Required
37x12.50R20 20x10 8x6.5/8x165.1 -19 Minor Trimming
37x12.50R20 20x10 8x6.5/8x165.1 -18 Minor Trimming
37x12.50R22 22x10 8x6.5/8x165.1 -19 Minor Trimming

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