Phoenix Gold GX 1200W 6-Channel Full Range Class D Amplifier

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Designed to cover a multitude of installation needs, GX is packed with the features and power you can expect from the Phoenix Gold brand. Included in the line are our proprietary PG quick connects for high current capability and reliability while delivering uber clean and quick installations. The chassis has been optimized by utilizing BFD (Balanced Flow Dissipation) to keep the amplifier running cool when the music is hot.



  • Audiophile Grade Full Range Class D Precision Components and Op Amps used to increase sound quality and lower distortion

  • High Pass and Low Pass Crossovers Reduces the need for external processing which could lead to noise intrusion

  • High-Level Input Capable - for Easy OEM Integration - Can accept input sources from most OEM radios(requires X2LINE)

  • Selectable Balanced / Unbalanced Inputs - Matching input typesallow for the best possible signal transfer and the lowest noise

  • Surface-Mount Component Technology - Precision manufacturing process provides reliability and strict quality control

  • Multi-Input Selector - Allows amplifier to use signal from a pair of channels to drive multiple channels without adapters

  • Proprietary PG Quick Connects - Enables high current transfer while increasing installation ease and serviceability

  • Flush Mountable Bass Knob - Remote bass control for easy level adjustment paired with custom installation options for ergonomic placement

  • Full Radiation Heat Sink - Computer aided design heat sink was created to utilize entire chassis for head dissipation while reducing amplifier size and lowering operating temperatures

  • Rotatable Badge - Badge can be rotated to allow for increased custom installation mounting optionswhile retaining proper aesthetics

  • Single Sided Control Panel - Increased installation speed, system adjustments, and mounting options with the use of single side amplifier controls and connections

  • Onboard Short/Therm/Impedance Protection - Designed for system reliability and fault protection from thermal overload, short circuits, and low impedance situations


RMS Power Ratings listed at less than 1% THD @ 14.4v 

Number of Channels: 6
    4Ω: CH 1 - 6 125W x 6 
    2Ω: CH 1 - 6 200W x 6 
    4Ω: Bridged 400W x 3 
Total RMS Power (Sum of rated power): 1200W
Bridgeable: Yes
Crossover Mode, Linkwitz-Riley: FULL/HP/LP
   40Hz - 500Hz @ 12dB / Oct
Input Selection 0.4-10V
Signal to Noise (@ CEA Standard): >100dB
Frequency Response: Full Range 10-40k
Topology Class: D
Heatsink Type: Extruded Aluminum
Cooling Type: Radiation
Operating Voltage: 8V to 16V
Switchable Auto-Turn On: No
Power Supply Type: Unregulated 
Power Terminals: 4 Gauge Quick Connect
Speaker Terminal: 8 Gauge Quick Connect
Recommended Inline Fuse: 80A
Dimensions (L x W x H):

13.54” x 6.5” x 2.03”

344mm x 165mm x 51.5mm

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